Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All about Agloco

You will find all about Agloco in this blog.

  • Internet based economic network
  • your share of the Internet
  • build your company
  • by downloading Viewbar™ technology
  • pays its members
  • refer your friends
  • extended referrals
Just sign up here right now and become a member. Get start earn and shares over the web.

So simple:
  • install the Viewbar™ software
  • they pay your online activity
  • fast and free
  • direct referrals (extended referrals)
  • no limit of referrals

Ready for now? Get start!
Agloco - Join Now

Rules (refer to AGLOCO™):
  • Each person can only sign up once, creating an account for him or herself, and may not establish an account on behalf of anyone else. Nor can accounts be transferred between people.
  • No spamming. AGLOCO™ strictly forbids spamming to get referrals. This means you can only tell people you know or who explicitly agree to receive your invitation to be referred. See our Anti-spam Policy. If you use spam to try to get referrals, your account will be terminated.
  • The maximum number of payable hours per month is currently 5. Over time, depending on several variables that number may increase, or it may decrease, at AGLOCO™'s discretion.
  • You have to surf yourself to get the benefit of your referrals' surfing. If you surf only 50% of the maximum payable hours in a month, and your referrals each surf 100%, you will be credited with only 50% of the payable surfing time for each referral. See our Global Payments Table for details of payable hours by country.
  • All information submitted during signup must be accurate; members who deal with AGLOCO™ in a fraudulent fashion will forfeit their memberships, their account balance, and their referrals. All of this information is in our Membership Agreement, which you must read before joining AGLOCO™ or downloading and using the Viewbar™ software.
Just sign up » download » referrals and shares. You will never have to buy or sell anything!

AGLOCO™ will generate revenue from many different sources.

There are NO SPAM, YOUR PRIVACY is secure.

Click here to join.

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